For 1 year - an unconditional monthly wage for every resident of the village

My concrete project

A village in Uganda near Kasese that lives in extreme poverty, partly due to climate change. With my project I want to collect the minimum amount of € 25,000 to unconditionally offer all residents a monthly wage for 1 year, every month. This allows them to take measures so that they can return to human life in their village. 

Eight is...

Unconditional monthly money transfers to people in extreme poverty for two years.
Eight showed in a pilot project (which ran from January 2017 to January 2019) that it is possible to give money directly to people in poverty without relying on large institutions or large budgets. Simple mobile phones, mobile money and the support of a small, convinced group of entrepreneurs and altruists made this possible. 

We aim to send 90% of the funds we collect directly to people living in extreme poverty. We use 10% to provide the cash transfers. Fundraising also costs money and time. We aim to spend only 10 cents per euro to be raised.

For €8 per month you give a child a decent existence.
€32 per month is enough to lift one adult and two children out of poverty. For €64 a month you give a family with two adults and four children enough resources to drastically improve their lives